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--- European Indoor Media ---
Date of creation :
September 2000
Directors :
Guillaume Vaillant (Founder)
Stéfane Roude (Partner)
Regional Directors :
Didier Canton (Next One North)
Christophe Magne (Next One West)
Maxence Balestra
Head Office :
949, rue Denis Papin
Branches :
Next One Grand Ouest (West)
3 rue des orchidées
le Millepertuis BAT.B

Next One Nord (North)
9 résid Alexandre Ribot
Next One
European Indoor Media

With over 25 000 panels installed in 66 cities across France and Europe, today Next One is the market leader of indoor media. At 16 years old, Next One is a specialist in toilet and washroom advertising. The company orchestrates over 500 campaigns a year for an array of prestigious clients across all sectors.
The reason behind the success of this ambient media lies in the proximity of this tactical media and the power of having a growing European network.

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Next One
quantifiable campaigns

The duration of the average washroom poster campaign is 15 days. Next One receives the visuals from the advertisers, organises the logistics and provides a review of the campaign in the form of a report, detailing with photos all the installed sites of the campaign with stamps of the respective establishments.

Next one can equally take charge of the graphical concepts required for the printing of posters – working closely with our graphics agency Mon Moulin, offering a turnkey solution for their clients. Working with the theme of the campaign and/or their target audience, the advertiser can reserve all or part of a network. To demonstrate the effectiveness of each poster campaign, Next One can also arrange an analysis for the relevant network to be better adjusted to the needs of the clients... Next One brings together all its expertise after 10 years in this industry. To assist the client in understanding the impact of their campaign, each client receives a review booklet of the poster campaign, allowing them to visualise the campaign with photos of each poster in the actual instalment in the respective toilets and washrooms, complete with stamps of each establishment to verify that the posters were installed.

Next One
This year celebrates its 10th anniversary

The concept of toilet advertising initally started with newspapers installed in toilets in America. Today advertisers around the world uses these valuable positions for communicating their messages.

500 campaigns anually
125 French towns with presence also in Monaco and Geneva
25.000 frames for advertisements

Next One is the exclusive washroom poster agency in the biggest cultural centers, sports and events in France with a growing network of venues including:
Stade de France, Palais Omnisports Paris-Bercy, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris Nord Villepinte, Eurexpo, etc.

Next One also has :
- a presence in more than 3000 nightlife hotspots, including bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs etc.
- specific target sectors: students, ABC1, motorways, general public etc.
- bespoke packages available for our clients, including traditional A3 posters, lenticular and mirrors.

Ambient media
Since 2000...
Next One’s washroom posters are a form of ambient mediaa non-traditional method of poster advertising in toilets that favour quality of communication over quantity. An atypical form of media ; our posters influence people on a day to day basis.
25000 advertising pannels
distributed on 125 french cities :
Paris | Marseille | Lyon | Lille | Toulouse | Nantes | Grenoble | Strasbourg | Brest | Montpellier | Annecy...

To name few venues : Stade de France, Stade Bollaert, Stadium de Toulouse, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris Nord Villepinte, Expo Nantes Atlantique, Euroexpo Lyon...
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Accurate targeting!
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